Network Bandwidth Quota

Network Bandwidth Quota System

The Network Bandwidth Quota System was created as a way to automate dealing with users abusing network resources. Overall, only 4% of the users are affected by the system but they are consuming 92% of the bandwidth. The limits are currently set to the following:

30 GB (gigabytes) of total Internet traffic per week or
5 GB of outbound traffic per week, whichever threshold has been reached fist.

30 GB is roughly equivalent to:

  • 15,000,000 pages of a text file
  • 1,500,000 pages of a Microsoft Word document
  • 7000 MP3s
  • 45 CDs
  • 6 DVDs

A user that exceeds either of these limits has all of their systems put into the Quota System and is limited to on campus traffic only for the remainder of the week.

As you can see these limits are pretty excessive. There are some parts of the campus network that the Quota System is not in place however the traffic volume is still monitored. Users bypassing or excessively abusing network resources may have their network access suspended and may be referred to the Office of Student Life.

In most cases, the reason for a user being affected by the Quota System when they do not believe they are using that much bandwidth is that they have a file sharing application enabled (usually breaking copyright laws and campus policy at the same time) or their system has been compromised and it is being used as a server. In either case, the CMU user is responsible for the security and usage of their system.